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Janet Jackson lovingly referred to her as a “firecracker”, those close to her call her “hostess with the mostess” but, like the greats, she is now just…Juju. 


Born & raised in Houston, Texas, Juju moved to Los Angeles when she was 18 in pursuit of 

sharing her spunk with the world. She landed extreme success as a professional dancer, globe-trotting with icons like Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Janet Jackson, Outkast, Christina Milian, Hilary Duff & the Black Eyed Peas, just to name a few. She continued her love of dance as a choreographer for the world's largest brands, Facebook, Target, Old Navy, Hulu, Smirnoff, Samsung, LG, Spotify, Vitamin Water, just to name a few. In between her dance & choreography careers, she was a show-runner for then Dreamwork’s Digital platform, AwesomenessTV.  She created a handful of shows, while also repackaging digital shows for ATV, making them suitable for streaming & cable networks all over the globe. 


Hollywood has always come to Juju for advice on what’s current and how to get it. When Fergie & Rhianna needed the new nail shape, Juju showed them it was the unheard of “stiletto” shape. When Lady Gaga, Rhianna, Kendrick Lamar, and Kanye needed the hottest trend in jewelry, they rocked the designs from Juju’s then jewelry line, JujuGold. 


She has always been the influencer’s influencer. 


Throughout her world-class travels, Juju refined her palette by consuming all the accoutrements you’d expect from the five-star treatment: hospitality, style and culture. She would roam the museums in London, dine at the most exculsive restaurants in Melbourne, tour Frida’s home in Mexico City, visit art exhibits in Johannesburg, and shop on the Champs-Élysées in Paris. 


Now a loving wife and Mother, Dear Juju cultivates a feeling of wanderlust and grounds it in the home life, so that everyone can fabulously wake up to it every day. 

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